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Benchtop Organizer

Versatile organizer for those who do not have space for full-blown solutions

Reference: HZ-wm1
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Benchtop organizer is our most versatile organizer yet. Ideal for modellers and hobbyists who use a large number of small precision tools and accessories. If you do not have enough space for our Modular Workshop System, or if you simply require more mobility from your organizer, the WM1 - Benchtop Organizer is the solution for you.


Main features:

- a few dozen of round slots for drill bits, brushes, files, etc.

- three medium drawers

- one big drawer with dividers

- one half-open drawer

- top rack for tools

- large top storage compartment

- short rod for storage of nippers, pliers, scisors, etc.

- long rod for storage of sand papers, wires, etc.


Dimensions: 60cm x 22cm x 17cm (23.6"x 8.7"x 6.7")


The organizer is delivered in kit form and has to be bonded with wood glue (not included). It contains perfectly fitted parts, magnets and assembly instructions. Smaller parts may be machined with interconnecting stubs which must be removed before assembly, just like plastic model parts from a sprue tree.

The accessories in the pictures are not included in the kit and serve only demonstration purposes.

Colour and texture may differ slightly from the product pictures.


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