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Tables for Painting

Large Paint Station

The smart way to organize a large painting/modelling workspace

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Big (36 mm) Small (26 mm)

Large Paint Station

Our HZ-sdm2 Large Paint Station provides two long 36mm or 26mm wide slots for paint jars/bottles storage, two dozens of various shaped holes for brushes and tools, two winglets for temporary painted model/figure placement and it even comes with two integrated cup holders! Not only does it neatly organize your workspace but it also securely protects your workbench from accidental paint spills.

Paint Stations with bigger - 36mm slots neatly store paint jars/bottles such as:

AK Interactive - 35 ml /30ml
AMMO by Mig - 35ml
Citadel - 0.8oz/24ml
Formula P3 - 18ml
Games Workshop - 12ml
Gunze Mr Color/Mr Hobby - 10ml
Humbrol Enamel - 14ml
Italeri - 20ml
Life Colour - 22ml
Model Car World - 1oz
MRP/Mr.Paint - 30ml
Revell - 14ml
Tamiya Mini - 10ml
Testors Craft Acrylics - 2oz/59ml
Testors ModelMaster - 0.5oz
Vallejo - 30ml
Vallejo Primer - 60ml

Paint Stations with smaller - 26mm slots are designed to store paint jars/bottles such as:

AK Interactive - 17ml
Ammo by Mig - 17ml
Andrea - 17ml
Army Painter - 18ml
Hataka - 17ml
Reaper MSP - 0.5oz/15ml
Scale 75 - 17ml
Vallejo Model Air/Model Color - 17ml

Our Paint Stations can be additionally customized by ordering shelves with paint storage slots of different sizes, e.g. upper shelf with 26mm and bottom shelf with 36mm slot. To benefit from this opportunity please indicate what is your desired shelves arrangement in the comment section of your Paint Station order.

Measures 55cm x 35cm x 6cm (21.7"x 13.8"x 2.4").

Each Paint Station is delivered in kit form and has to be bonded with wood glue (not included).

The accessories in the pictures are not included in the kit and serve only demonstration purposes.



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