Corner Paint Stand - 36mm
Corner Paint Stand - 36mm detail
hz Stands/Racks and Hangers for Paints

Corner Paint Stand - 36mm

Corner paint jar/bottle storage stand with 22 round 36mm slots

Reference: HZ-S1nb
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Corner Paint Stand - 36mm is a paint jar/bottle storage stand with 22 round slots of a 36mm diameter. With its 90 degrees angle it perfectly supplements S1s and S1b paint stands and allows for most efficient use of your workspace.

It is delivered in kit form and may be bonded with wood glue (not included) to strengthen its construction. The stand contains perfectly fitted parts and its assembly takes just a few moments. Smaller parts may be machined with interconnecting stubs which must be removed before assembly, just like plastic model parts from a sprue tree.

Rearrangement with shelves from other stands is not possible!

The accessories in the pictures are not included in the kit and serve only demonstration purposes.

Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 9.5cm (11"x 11"x 3.7")

Main features:

- 22 round 36mm slots for jars/bottles such as:

AK Interactive - 35 ml /30ml
AMMO by Mig - 35ml
Citadel - 0.8oz/24ml
Formula P3 - 18ml
Games Workshop - 12ml
Gunze Mr Color/Mr Hobby - 10ml
Humbrol Enamel - 14ml
Italeri - 20ml
Life Colour - 22ml
Model Car World - 1oz
MRP/Mr.Paint - 30ml
Revell - 14ml
Tamiya Mini - 10ml
Testors Craft Acrylics - 2oz/59ml
Testors ModelMaster - 0.5oz
Vallejo - 30ml
Vallejo Primer - 60ml

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